Lightning Fast

Alloy uses a flat-file format instead of a database, so your content loads exceptionally quickly and scales well as your site grows.


Plain and Simple

Alloy uses Markdown for its content, meaning your entries are plain text and can be easily created, updated and backed up.


Customized Design

Alloy provides a wide variety of settings and controls for customizing the look and feel of your blog and editor to help you make it fit in with the rest of your site.


Going Beyond

While Alloy focuses on blogging, it also allows you to Embed content and create data based Droplets to make your site's content editable from anywhere.


What's new in Alloy v3?

Alloy v3 brings a whole host of new features to help you in creating blog posts, embedded content and data droplets. You can not only create great blogs, but manage your other content directly from the Alloy Editor.

BLOGGING IS JUST ONE TOOL IN THE FORGE. Alloy now offers the ability to manage other content on your site as well using its Embed and Droplets. These new tools are powerful and can be implemented in your project file with a simple drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste!


An easy-to-use set of tools to allow you to embed content within your RapidWeaver projects. That embedded content can then be edited directly from your website using the Alloy Editor. Include text, images, video, tables and more!


Alloy's Droplets system allows us to customize aspects of our site directly from the Alloy Editor on your site without needing to republish the project from RapidWeaver. Change Banner images, text, and much more directly from your site.

Redesigned Editor

The Editor now acts as the hub for not just your blog posts, but other content like Embeds and Droplets as well. It has a nice new look and lots of new, powerful tools.

Blog Layouts

Choose from 6 different layouts for your blog's Summaries view. These new designs will help give your blog a personality boost with a style makeover.

Blog Search

Our new Search stack allows your visitors to search through your blog's contents, including post titles, main body, decorative label, and category.

Pretty URLs

Alloy v3 now allows for the use of Pretty URLs that help with improving the appearance of the URL in the browser and more.


Blog Posts can now have multiple Tags to help categorize your posts even further. You can supply up to 5 different Tags per post.

Posts Navigation

Allows your visitors go to the previous or next blog post, chronologically, via stylish visual links at the bottom of each Blog Post.

Full-Page Login

Create a professional looking, full page login screen for your site's Editor. Customize its background, logo, and more to match your brand.

Custom Summaries

Blog Posts now optionally support custom summary text for your blog entries. When enabled you'll be able to add your own summary text for the Summaries view.

Secondary Login

This feature lets you configure a secondary login for another user. This login name and password which can be disabled via your Editor stack's settings.

Start as Draft Mode

When enabled this setting starts each new Blog Post as a draft. This ensures that you do not accidentally save a post as an active entry before you're ready for it to go live.

Custom Blog Slugs

With the addition of Pretty URLs we have also made it possible to change the slug name for your posts. This allows for custom Blog Post IDs.

Image Drag-and-Drop

The text editor for Blog Posts and Embeds now supports drag-and-drop images into the main content of your posts and Embeds.

So much more

Alloy v3 comes packed with so many changes it would be unwieldily to tell you about each and every last one. But we're so excited about them let's at least list some of the other updates and additions:

  • New Icons Throughout Editor
  • SVG Image Support
  • Built-In Blog Commenting Services
  • Show Categories & Tags In Posts List View
  • More Localization Fields
  • Change Editor Page Background
  • Improved Meta Tags
  • Optional Lightboxed Images in Posts
  • Choose Blog Post Title Tag
  • Undo & Redo Buttons for Toolbar
  • Fine Tuned Blockquotes
  • Decorative Labels for Blog Posts
  • Improved Utility Menu
  • Show Summaries in Recent Posts
  • Optimizations in Edit Mode
  • Structured Data
  • Prompts When Adding Links & Images to Posts
  • Improved RSS Feed
  • Blur Backgrounds in Topper Plus
  • Custom Rounded Corners For Buttons

Even with all of this, we've still not touched on everything new in Alloy v3. Be sure to have a look through the Release Notes. They outline every single update in Alloy v3 and beyond.


Beautiful Blogs

We've some example blogs to give you an idea of what you can quickly and easily create using Alloy.



Connect with others using Alloy

The Elixir Community Forum is a great place to share tips and tricks, look for help using Alloy, or seek the sage advice of other RapidWeaver users when creating your new Markdown-based blogs.

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