Getting Started

Hello World

Alloy helps you to build beautiful blogs with ease. In this short video we take a look at creating your very first blog.


Lightning Fast

Since Alloy uses a flat-file format instead of a database, your blog loads exceptionally quickly and scales well as your blog grows.


Plain and Simple

Alloy uses Markdown for its blog posts, meaning your entries are plain text and can be easily created, updated and backed up.


Customized Design

Alloy provides a wide variety of settings and controls for customizing the look and feel of your blog to help you in making it fit in with the rest of your site.


If This, Then That...

Display specific content on your page based on whether your visitor is seeing the Summaries, Full Post or Categories view.


Alloy Editor

Alloy now includes an Editor stack, which allows you to manage your blog directly from your site -- create, modify, delete and backup your posts online!

Example Blogs

We've built a couple of example blogs to give you an idea of what you can quickly and easily create using Alloy. These example projects are both included with your purchase as well.



Connect with others using Alloy

The Elixir Community Forum is a great place to share tips and tricks, look for help using Alloy, or seek the sage advice of other RapidWeaver users when creating your new Markdown-based blogs.

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