What does it do?

Display content on your page depending on whether your visitor is seeing the Summaries, Categories or Full Post view. This can be used to show different layouts, banners and much more depending on the current view.


You can choose which views you'd like the Conditional stack to use. When content is placed in one of these zones within the Conditional stack that content will be displayed when the visitor is on that view.

You could for instance use the Conditional stack to show a larger banner on your Summaries and Categories views, but have no banner, or a smaller banner shown on your Full Post view.

Alloy Stacks

Documentation on the settings and controls for each of the individual Alloy stacks:


New to Markdown or just need a refreshed? We've got you covered with our Markdown Cheatsheet.

Front Matter

We use YAML to create the Front Matter of our blog posts. That front matter contains important things like our post title, category and more. We've got a YAML cheatsheet of all the available options for reference.

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