Droplet v3

Stack settings

The Droplet stack allows for you to use the Alloy Editor's Droplet tags on your page. This stack replaces these tags with the contents of the associated Droplets you've created in the Editor on the backend of your site.


There are very few settings needed for this stack as the data for your Droplets is handled completely through the Editor on your site. This stack only parses the content of the Droplets and your page and carries out replacing the tags with your Droplet content.

  • NOTE: DO NOT place the Droplet stack within a Stacks Partial.

This is where you'll enter the name of your Editor stack's Droplets folder. This setting needs to match the name of the Droplets folder on your Editor page. It is uncommon to need to change the name of this folder in either this stack, or the Editor stack.

For more information on creating and maintaining Droplets on your site through the Editor, please be sure to checkout the Editor's documentation for Droplets.