Lost Purchase

Order Lookup

If you have lost your purchased items somehow, either through some sort of computer problems, or just an accidental deletion, don't fret -- you can retrieve them all on your own.

You can retrieve past purchases using our order lookup system. Simply supply it with the necessary information and it will find the download information for you. If you do not get results from the retrieval form it may be likely that you used a different email address to make your purchase than the one you’re entering into the form. Give the form another try with any alternate email addresses you may have used in the past to see if that returns results.

If you still cannot retrieve your purchase that you’ve lost you will need to email us with the following information: Either your PayPal receipt or your original download email. If you don’t have one of these we will need the email address that you used in purchasing your product(s) along with a listing of the particular products you purchased and are trying to retrieve.