What does it do?

Allows you to add a link to your page for your visitors to quickly access your RSS feed for your blog. The RSS feed itself is configured separately in the main Alloy stack.


Lets you customize the link text for your RSS Feed. The default text is "RSS Feed" but can be customized to be whatever you like.

Enabling this feature will add an RSS icon to the front of your RSS Feed link. When enabled you will also get a control that allows you to customize the color of that icon as well.

Alloy Stacks

Documentation on the settings and controls for each of the individual Alloy stacks:


New to Markdown or just need a refreshed? We've got you covered with our Markdown Cheatsheet.

Front Matter

We use YAML to create the Front Matter of our blog posts. That front matter contains important things like our post title, category and more. We've got a YAML cheatsheet of all the available options for reference.

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